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Magnetic hot bed – a magic tool for removing your 3d prints from build plate (235*235mm) , shop it at XTZL3D for a good price, free shipping and fast warehouse delivery!

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235*235mm(9.25×9.25 Inches)

Product ID :XT-C-BED

Why is XTZL3D Magnetic Hot Bed

After finished your print, there is a big problem to remove it safety from the hot bed–because your prints will be damaged and deformed to a great extent. There are many tips for the problem you can search online, such as use water, a spatula or let it cool naturally, but this could not solve the problem completely. Originally, frosted layers + 3 M glue was used for the problem, just need to stick on the platform, and then, that was instead by a double layers magnet. Our “Magnetic Hot Bed” is UPGRADED of that – it was designed for the problem. And it has another name “hot bed sticker”, but it is not only a simple sticker, the following will explain for it.

What is Magnetic Hot Bed

Functionally, it is a removable hot bed for a 3d printer. Structurally speaking, it was made up of 2 pieces of magnetic rubber which comes with 3 M glue (same things with different names B1, B2), and a removable hot bed which was made of high temperature resistant frosted board (named it A).

How to Use ?

Tear off adhesive tape of B1 and paste in original hot bed platform; layer B2 to B1 with the same black magnetic side (you can feel a strong magnetic attraction between them); put A’s back side to B2 after torn off adhesive tape of B2 – really simple and easy to use. After finished the prints, you can remove the print together with B2+A, just bend B2+A and then the print can be taken down well without any distortion.

Magnetic hot bed: A

B1 B2 magnetic side (same)

B1 B2 adhesive tape side ( same)

Tear off adhesive tape of B1 and paste in original hot bed platform


Just put them in order: B1 – B2 – A



  1. About A:It uses high temperature resistant frosted board due to the material has a strong support force (to support model without any edge warping & shape changed), flexible feature (easy to bend for taking down the print) and high temp protection (reduced heat conduction to avoid scald from original build plate).
  2. About B: B1 can always keep pasting in original build plat until you’d like to take it off. B2 can be taken down with A every time – it is very clean and convenient to separate A+B2 from B1 as they combine with a strong magnetic attraction.
  3. About Magnetism: It was formed from a mass of magnetic powder of B1 and B2. It’s to keep the whole “Magnetic Hot Bed” move bodily with the original build plate, no degumming and displacement.

Use Note

  • Bed temperature: don’t exceed 80°C
  • Please level your printer before using, distance between nozzle and build plate should not be too large
  • Please ensure your printer can be leveled the height before deciding to buy
  • Do not touch the surface of the product with high temperate of nozzle

If you want to protect your original build plate and need a magic tool to remove your print, you may try with our XTZL3D Magnetic Hot Bed – cheap price, free shipping and very fast delivery!








235*235mm(9.25×9.25 Inches)

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     A: In fact,  it is depends on local transportation, a little bit faster or slower. 

5. Q: When my order will be processed?

    A: Within 1 working day after payment.

6. Q: When / how my tracking number comes?

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