Download 4 -Pagoda

3D Printing Model 4: Pagoda

Upload Author: HenriDIY

pagoda -2d printing model - xtzl3d

FDM 3D Printing Parameter for Reference

Recommend Filament Materials: PLA Series (such as silk pla,), ABS   (with filament diameter 1.75mm)

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm, can be set depends on your 3d printer

Nozzle Temperature: PLA series 215     ABS 235℃

Bed Temperature: Textured paper/ high temperature sticker (try our upgraded Magnetic Hot Bed, if you will) 50℃   grass bed 60℃

Layers Height: 0.2mm

Wall Thickness: 1.2mm

Bottom / Top Thickness: 1.2mm

Initial Layer Thickness: 0.3mm

Initial Layer Line width: 100%

Double Extrusion Overlap: 0.15mm

Packing Density: 20%

Extrusion Output: 100%

Printing Speed: 40mm/s

Moving Speed: 60mm/s

Returning Speed: 85mm/s

Returning Length: 5.5mm

Support Type: All Supports (Linear Support 40/10/0.7/0.15)

Type of Platform Attachment: Underlying grid   grass bed choose no or bottom line.

Note: Electronic part not including.

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