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Welcome to join XTZL3D Affiliate program, it is free, easy, fast and good commision. You can got 10% from each order. You don't have to worry about products' quality and price, that has been proven in practice by most of customers.
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Affiliate Commission

1 %

Affiliate Orders’ Amount Under US$2000: Get 10% commission of each order.

1 %

Affiliate Orders’ Amount Over US$2000 Within 2 Months: Get 12% commission

1 %

Affiliate Orders’ Amount Over US$2000 Within 1 Month: Get 15% commission

User Guide


Click Here to Register on XTZL3D and ready to get your affiliate commission


It will be approved automatically ,get an email with password & login link.


You can generate a referal URL for each affiliate product in your account.


You can promote your link via blog, forum, website, chat and social account


You will be paid for every valid purchase that originates from you when balance is up to $30

After Sale

You don't need to do anything for after sale support, we have professional team for this.

Steps To Begin

Choose item’s links from the following part “Affiliation Items List”, you can choose any one or all links.

Choose Link Here

Login Your XTZL3D affiliate account and generate links under “Creatives”with the button of “generate referral URL”
Check more details in the next part of video.

A. In online chat programs: you can send the links directly to your friends during your online conversations.

B. In personal blogs: you can publish a link or banner which is related to the subject of your blog .

C. On forums: this also is a very good place to promote products that are related to the visitor’s interests. You can post your links in a thread comment while recommending the products with a personal message.

D. On your own website: you can for instance start your own shopping guide in which you recommend products which can also be found on XTZL3D, including link and banners.

E. Finally, you could recommend XTZL3D to friends and colleagues who might be interested in our products. You can share banners and links through email, Facebook, or any other social media.

Under “Sales” of your account, you may check how many orders transaction from your referal links.

For 3D filament: Order canceled / returned , commission canceled; Product resend caused by quality problem, commission reduced from 10% to 3%.
For 3D printer: Order canceled / returned , commission canceled; Normal after-sale maintenance does not affect commission.

When your balance up to $20, please email to [email protected] for taking out.

Order will be deliveried (within 1 working day) from your country’s Amazon warehouse and shiped via Amazon FBA (1-3 working days to get tracking No.. It will needs bout 3-7 working days in total from palce order to receive order )

Steps by Steps
How to Generate Your First XTZL3D Affiliate Link

Affiliation Items List

Get here to generate your referal link

100g silk pla gold with prints xtzl3d

Silk PLA

Really good quality, 1kg, 1.75mm, more than 10 colors. Link: https://www.xtzl3d.com/product/silk-pla-3d-printing-filament-xtzl3d/
Please order here directly but not click to buy Amazon

3d printing filament pla white with print xtzl3d


Really cheap price, 1kg,1.75mm, more than 18 colors.  Link: https://www.xtzl3d.com/product/pla-3d-printing-filament-xtzl3d/
Please order here directly but not click to buy Amazon

wood pla with prints xtzl3d

Wood PLA

1kg, 1.75mm, 4 colors. Link:   https://www.xtzl3d.com/product/wood-pla-3d-printing-filament-xtzl3d/

Marble Pla Black With Box Xtzl3d

Marble PLA

1kg, 1.75mm.  Link:  https://www.xtzl3d.com/product/marble-pla-3d-printing-filament-xtzl3d/

Bundle Deals pla white -xtzl3d

PLA Bundle

3kg bundle, 2 colors. Link:  https://www.xtzl3d.com/product/pla-3d-filament-bundle-deals/

Support Pla Xtzl3d Affiliate (2)

Support Plans

1. Support: You will be well supported according to your situation, you can suggest how we can support you.
2.Reseller Plan: If you to be a reseller, you will be offered a nice price.
3.Drop Ship: If you need drop ship support, you will be offered a nice price as well.
4.OEM: If you grow up and would like to have you brand item, you will be well supported with a best price and service.

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